This book gripped me from the very start with the cover! It is so beautifully illustrated and gives you an idea about the book and what the characters look like. The book itself is written incredibly and perfect for all ages!

I personally enjoyed it and it always made me want to keep on reading; it made me question what was going to happen next.

My favourite part of Malamander is the character names because they are so well thought out and suit the characters look and personality. I am currently reading book 2 in the series (Gargantis) and I am finding it just as thrilling as book 1!

If I were to describe Malamander in three words I would say: magical, enigmatic and gripping!


The plot: Herbet Lemon works as the Lost and Founder in the Grand Nautilus Hotel in Eerie-on- Sea. One day, a strange girl (Violet Parma) crashes through his window and they become great friends. The relationship between them is amazing; they both crack jokes, wind each other up but underneath you can see they want to help each other and care about finding the truth. Violet is looking for what happened to her parents.

Soon they go to the local book dispensary and the Mermonkey picks out a book for Violet; the whole title of the book leads on to them discovering a terrifying legend in Eerie-on-Sea. They meet more friends and enemies and go on an incredible adventure together!

The only thing I found frustrating was that the appearance of the Malamander doesn't happen until the very last chapter. I was hoping that we might see him throughout but this does make me feel quite cheated.

Overall I enjoyed this book massively and can't wait to see the film and finish reading Gargantis.

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