The Danger Gang Review

What a great story! Another incredible book from Tom Fletcher this is definitely one of my personal favourites! The Danger Gang is slightly different to The Creakers or Christmasaurus as the book is written in a series of letters which I don’t usually like as it’s been done before but this actually interesting as it’s more than just one character writing letters.

This book is about a boy named Franky who moved to a new town called Freaky but must leave his best friend (Dani) behind. Basically, the book is written in letters to and from Franky and Dani talking about what is going on in the strange town! Freaky seems completely normal until one night a horrifying storm hits and unusual things begin to happen to the kids all over the town.

I love how it's all written in letters between the two because it’s different to what I would normally read where it’s just a series of letters from one person which gets boring quickly. Tom’s books always have great characters in them and whilst Franky and Dani are no Lucy Dungston in terms of heroism they are great characters that we can all identify with, being in a strange new place and the feeling of being alone. I could easily picture the story happening in my head and the characters were great!

Overall, the book was silly, hilarious and really made me imagine the moment! I have already started reading it again and would recommend this book to everyone but probably around ages 7-11 as some parts could be pretty scary for younger children.

Tom Fletcher has written another wonderful story and whilst it may not be as fast paced as The Creakers, I for one will be hoping for a follow-up soon (just as soon as Tom has won Strictly!)

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