The Wild Way Home Review

Wow. Just wow!

We’ve read a lot of books but this one has to be read, honestly go buy it now. Books that emotionally move you are so rare for kids our age because authors are too busy dumbing it down. Sophie Kinsey has got it spot on! I love this author.

This story follows Charlie who runs away when he can’t cope his new baby brother is born with a defective heart. He founds an ancient tooth that moves back to the Stone Age where he meets another troubled boy Harby. The development of their relationship is such fun to read -each chapter sees how they cope with stone age life from fishing to communication (some really funny parts too).

The story is told from Charlies point of view which is really cool as you get to see what he is thinking and feeling. He learn a bit about ourselves and I think we can all see a bit of ourselves in Charlie.

This isn’t one of those boring ‘coming of age’ stories more a ‘coming home’ feel good trip. A bonus – a personal favourite of mine – chapters with cliffhangers! Yes! We don’t want to bed – we want more!

The descriptions of the settings are so magical – to be honest I enjoy this more than the descriptions in Harry Potter which go on for pages sometimes. Sophie, the author, shows she really understands what children want in books post HP – a touch of magic, credible main characters with a touch of real life drama. Warning if you have a sibling who is ill then you will cry, I guarantee it. This will be a primary school classic text in years to come!

A lovely heart warming Stone Age to New Age journey covering friendship, fears and lots of forest!

If you are in Year 5 to 8 you will enjoy this!

No wait...... you will really enjoy this!



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