Witches Steeped in Gold

The magic swirls off the page – literally!

Two witches have issues. Both are set on avenged their past. This is a fantasy novel which usually I wouldn’t enjoy but have to say this was one my favourite ‘witch/dark arts’ books I’ve read so far. The story centres around two witches called Iraya and Jazmyne. They are presented as two very different but equally likeable and interesting characters.

The chapters are split between the stories of the two witches and follows the plight of each. Unlike so many fantasy novels there was really nice character development in each consecutive visit to the unravelling world of Iraya and Jazmyne. There some nice twists as well which I definitely didn’t see coming.

I really liked Iraya the best, she is by far the most impulsive witch whereas Jazmyne took more time to grow on me as she appears more calm and rationale and unlike a traditional witch. There are nice plotlines in the book and the relationship between the two has excellent chemistry.

The author has Jamaican heritage and this clearly shone throughout, there are lots of lovely touches of the Caribbean influence weaved into a wonderful tale of love, hate and revenge. Herb magic is something I’ve googled since to see if it actually exists!

I am really excited to see where the next chapter takes up especially after the killer ending we got. A real tease for the next book.

Overall I enjoyed this book immensely and would recommend for anyone in Years 6-8 to go get a copy today.

This months best read by far!

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